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Alex Murdock (2007) NHS Direct: A gateway to health. Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to identify what type of changes take place in NHS. This changes is good, excellent or just at satisfactory level to provide health facilities to its people. NHS direct is the combination of advisory; with the latest computer based clinical assessment software (CAS) which is staffed by trained nurses (cunnigham et al; 2002).this is 24 hour service and its purpose is to ‘provide easier and faster information for people about health, illness and NHS so that they are better able to care for themselves and their families’ (department of health 1997).There are a lot of changes take place in NHS, for example structural and organizational changes.…show more content…
For example), 22 NHS direct call centres, NHS direct online website ( which is launched by UK prime minster in December 1999 by Tony Blair. This website win Europe’s leading health website in 2003, 200 NHS direct touch screen information, 1.7 million NHS self help guide books and in 2004 through NHS direct Digital T.V. NHS direct online now receive ½ of million visitor in every month. SMS text massage is also sent to remind patient about their appointment. There are 2,995 employees who work in NHS direct. 2,445 are in front line staff ( of which 1,085 are trained nurses who give any necessary advice and if an individual need for referral in emergency they guide them according to their situation. in November 2000 the Department of health said that NHS direct receive over 3.5 million calls and take 60,000 call a weak, it may be raised at the end of year. In 2003, 20 million calls received. Currently NHS direct answer 8.2 million calls per day including website and…show more content…
For example an infection spread in a community or in a specific population. According to this example the Epidemiologist look first what is the cause of infection? Who many cases come due to this infection? Who can they prevent this infection and what is the treatments of this infection. In Epidemiology they save life and increase health status of a population. Communicable disease such as AIDS and Hepatitis is a big challenge for U.K government and it increase pressure on department of finance’s due it’s to very costly treatment. AIDS and Hepatitis transfer very quickly from one source (person) to another source (person).Dementia with disability on the other hand is a challenge as well for U.K government. That’s why Government open Nursing and care home for the individual who suffer with dementia. If every individual who suffer with dementia want to stay at his or her own home it is much more difficult for the government to afford their

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