Outline and Asses Two Functions of the Nuclear Family

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Outline and asses two functions of the nuclear family (17) Two functions of a nuclear family are socialisation and reproduction. These are two of the few functions that nuclear families and most other families need to continue developing. Socialisation is the norms, customs and ideologies that people need in order to participate in society. Children especially need to learn skills of socialisation in order to perform correctly as a member of society. Without the key skills he/she wouldn’t know the moral rights, wrongs and basic moral values needed in society. Socialisation is a skill learned from parents/carers/social networks/extended family and is something you learn throughout you lives. Socialisation is split into two types; primary and secondary. Primary socialisation is when children learn attitudes, values and actions used to different types of people. Primary socialisation is very important for a child because it sets out their future and how they’re going to behave for the rest of their lives. E.g. if a child’s mother disliked a certain religion and was racist to people of that religion the child may then grow up to have the same belief and do the same thing. Secondary socialisation is the way that people act out side of the home and in different situations. This enables them to know the different ways they must act in order to be socially acceptable in the situation they’re in. E.g. a child would act differently in the home than in school. They learn this type of socialisation outside the home and from people around them. This type of socialisation is usually associated with teenagers or adults. Parsons believed that primary socialisation was one of the two main functions within a family. He believed that through socialisation the individual internalises social values. The second function that the family needs is sexual reproduction. Sexual
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