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In this assignment I will be talking about the 5 different approaches of psychology. These different approaches are; social, psychodynamic, cognitive, humanistic, behaviourism. As well as describing the different approaches I will also be relating them to relative theorists. The first approach I will be identifying is social aspect to psychology; social psychology is looks at human behaviour influenced by others. It looks at the factors which end in us behaving in a given way and look at the conditions in which cause us to behave in that way. Social psychology looks at a wide range of social topics which include group behaviour, social perceptions, conformity, aggression and prejudice. When children learn they acquire their behaviour from their parents and other children, from a young age they learn from their parents how to behave in public, the correct use of manors and social norms. But on interaction with other children they learn how to share, society’s values which other children have picked up and how to behave in social situations. Also evolutional (inherited from parents) could have an effect on how a child behaves as in the child’s genetics it might be that they are susceptible to violence this means that the child may have more violent tendencies. Also if a child grows up in a hostile environment they may believe that it is normal and it will sculpt their behaviour aggressively in day to day activities. The theorist which links with this psychology aspect is Abraham Maslow. His theory is based on a hierarchy of basic human needs in which they need to have in order to function in society. Maslow says that once you have achieved each level of needs you then get to self-actualisation, this is when you try to fit in with peers, thus changing your behaviour so it is alike theirs. Maslow says that society is the reason why we have values and it affects the
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