Isolated Children Essay

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Socialization is the learning process to become a unique individual and capable member of society it is also about how people acquire those beliefs, attitudes, values and, certainly, behavior that finally become their way of thinking. A person is socialized from the moment he/she born and one of the most important stages in socialization occur during infancy. It is a stage which a child acquire social experience from their parents and learn to adopt behavior patterns of the community in which they live. So if child’s personality developed out of society it is impossible for them to survive because the child who live or grow up in the isolation from the society has many problems and they can’t lead a normal life. Based on what I have read children with poor socialization skills are less likely to form healthy intimate relationships with other people, they more likely to experience rejection from society. Like Anna, Isabelle, and Genie these are some children who experience lack of socialization. They don’t know how to walk, to talk or do anything that showed intelligence. They don’t even aware from their environment. Social experience is a must in every child to be able to develop their personality. However, for children to operate successfully in society, they must learn to interact with others in a healthy, positive, and productive manner. In order to prepare children to be successful in adults, it is essential that we as adults encourage social interaction, monitor social skills, and teach healthy ways to interact with other children and with adults. Socialization skills are important not only in school but in all of adult life as well. As I think about the process in which has molded me into the person that I am today, I realize that most of my beliefs were instilled in me at a young age. These beliefs have directed me in most of the decisions
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