Eymp 5 Essay

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EYMP 5 1.2 Explain how speech,language and communication skills support each of the following areas in childrens development:learning,emotional,behaviour,social Learning – Language is needed to understand concepts, participate in problem solving, and to develop ideas and opinions. Language enables a child to express their thoughts and feelings, and to think about abstract notions helping them to make sense of their world. •Emotional – Children need to be able to express themselves, if they have difficulty doing this it can have a damaging impact on their self esteem and identity. This can lead to a lack of confidence. Expressing their emotions and talking about them can help children to understand acceptable social behaviour. Not being able to this can lead to temper tantrums or other challenging behaviour. •Behaviour- Language can be used to set limits and boundaries for children behaviour. Children model their own behaviour on others and if adults can effectively communicate and exchange age or developmental appropriate information with children this can encourage them to behave in acceptable ways. Frustration at their own inability to communicate effectively can lead to behavioural problems. •Social – Talking out loud helps children to work through ideas, feelings and frustrations. In doing this children start to empathise and see other peoples point of view, and gradually become able to think about other people’s needs and feelings. This helps children to develop socially acceptable behaviour and build their confidence. Communicating with other children or adults in social situations helps children to understand what is expected of them and to enjoy participating. Children that have difficulties with speech, language and communication may find that their social development is impaired and they become awkward in social
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