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Social and emotional developement. Learning to live with others in both family and society is generally one of the most important part's of development, family and friend's play an important part towards this. The socialisation is all about learning to cope in the family and society we live in. The socailisation process will by it's definition vary in diffrent societies and from family to family. Primary socialisation take's place with in the family,in the first years of a childs life. This help's childern to learn how to interact with others's, what is acceptable and what is not. Secondary socialisation teache's childern : How to interact with adults. How to interact with friends and others. The rule's of society, what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in and outside the home. A number of key process affect how well we relate to others and how well we fit into our family and social worlds. Before we look at the stage's in social and emotional development we need to think about how important bonding and attachment self concept, personal identity and confidence are from the very beginning. Attachment and bonding: The development of deep feeling's between parent's or carer's and their children come's about through a process of bonding and attachment. This attachment is helped in the early months by a number of thing's including. Skin contact* Smell* Talking and listening or carer's voice's * Feeding* Batheing* Play* Eye to eye contact Social and emotion behavoreral developmentThis area of development is about learning to live with others in both our family and society and how young people feel about them self's and relate to other's. They will need to learn how to have confidence and become independent of adult's as they grow older. Primary socailisation takes place with in the family, in the first year in a child's life. This
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