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Unit 11 Supporting children and families D1) Describe how two different types of social care setting provide support for children and their parent/families Parenting group provide a lot of support they are designed to raise awareness about family issues and they help to build a better relationship between parents and their children’s. At parenting groups they give support to the parents with the concern they have. They help to give better communication skills and they encourage the parents to ask their child how they are feeling. A parenting group can provide families and children with the support, education and advice you need to help you overcome these problems. Parenting groups have experienced staff what will work with the parents and with the child/children helping them to develop strategies to improve your situation. There is a full programme of activities planned each half-term for both children and parents, and staff provide one-to-one services, advice and support, workshops and training sessions, visiting speakers, behaviour modification, play therapy, and recreational and therapeutic sessions. • Improved self-esteem for you and your child • A better quality of life • Better mental and physical health • An improved understanding of your child’s needs • Increased parenting skills • An understanding of nutritional value to you and your family "Parents usually know their children better than anyone else. They understand their own culture and the community where they live. Facilitated sensitively, Parenting Support Groups can help families decide what works best for them." Family centres are community resources providing local support to parents and children. They represent a key resource for a number of government policies that target families in deprived areas. This is how family
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