Unit 5 Assignment Cache Level 3 Childcare

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Unit 5 Assignment E1 and E2 As a practitioner one of the responsibilities will include confidentiality. Confidentiality must be kept at all times and no information on a child should be shared outside of the setting. This helps build a professional relationship with the parent as they will feel able to trust you as a professional and be confident with the welfare of their child. Another responsibility is that you put the children’s needs first and the children’s family. To provide help and support to the children and their families you need to recognise their needs and rights as a practitioner. By observing the children this is how you can find out the children’s needs along with other things such as their interests. As a practitioner you should communicate with the parents as this will give you more understanding of the children’s needs (if the child may have an unknown disability-dyslexia and needs extra support). Another way of identifying children’s needs is to listen to them to find out what they desire and need. Tassoni. P (2007) says that “we need to work as part of a team to provide a quality service for children and their parents”. We also need to work with the parents and show respect towards them and encourage parent’s involvement within the setting. Tassoni says that “early years setting will have a management structure which should clarify practitioner’s responsibilities”. A responsibility practitioners have is to make sure the health of the child is paramount this could be by preventing hazards and carrying out risk assessments and safety checks. A practitioner should be aware of the day care standards provided by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) so the children are receiving the highest standards of care. “The EYFS sets standards to enable early years providers to reflect the rich and personalised experience that many parents give their
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