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Report on Family Systems Tools Karen Ter-Akopyan University of Phoenix Models of Effective Helping BSHS-311 WH09BHS01 Alen Khudaverdyan, MA March 31, 2009 Report on Family Systems Tools Family denotes a group of people affiliated by a common ancestry, affinity, or co-residence (Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law, 2009). To fully comprehend to the concept of family, one must consider elements of shared genealogy, close proximity, emotional intimacy, and cultural definitions. Forming and organizing thoughts about families and how they function are known as family systems theories. These theories help a person identify with his or her family system. After realization and acceptance of the family system that you relate to, then you scope out which different therapeutic approach would be most efficient with your family. After closely examining the various therapies that is applied to family systems, Group C gravitated towards an eclectic approach and tools to use as a therapist when dealing with families.…show more content…
Starting to teach kids early about responsibilities, create structure and routine that is consistently reinforced, will help children to grow the habits of becoming more responsible. A primary concept in family systems theory is that the family includes interconnected members, and each member influences the others in predictable and recurring ways (Van Velsor & Cox, 2000). Having open communication within family members and not being isolated is a key tool to maintaining a functional family. Sculpting is a good tool to identify a family’s system dynamics by asking family members to physically position themselves and other family members into a formation that metaphorically represents the family

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