Family-Centered Practice Essay

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Elements and Importance of Family-Centered Practice (Name) (College/University) Elements and Importance of Family-Centered Practice Elements and Importance of FCP Family-centered practice (FCP) is not a new concept since its roots can be traced back to the 1950s. According to Dunst (2002), the emergence of FCP is hinged on the need to optimize early childhood development and academic excellence. It is based on three key elements (Espe-Sherwindt, 2008): * Valuing, emphasizing and acting upon the strengths of the family; the center of focus is family strengths rather than perceived deficits. * Promotion of families’ choices and decision-making processes. Respect for the role of families with regard to decisions about their children is inevitable. * Establishment of a working partnership between families and professionals; they work as a team and play equal roles. In contemporary FCP, professional expertise is valued owing to the knowledge and specialized skills that it contributes to the practice. Focus is directed on making families and their children understand the need to collaborate with professionals in improving the children’s learning and development. In order for FCP to be effective, professional familiarization with the family setting and activities is significant. It is important to note that the professional may not provide effective assistance without developing a partnership with the family. A good understanding of the family ensures a smooth transition of experiences between a home and early childhood settings. Above all, emphasis on family strengths promotes dignity and strength and ensures continued concentration on positive outcomes in early childhood development. Implications of FCP on ECP Cohrssen, Church, & Tayler (2010) subscribe to the idea that parent involvement in child education has direct links to improved
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