Describe Three Professional Skills That Will Support Your Work with Children

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A skill that will support work with children is behaviour management. It is necessary for working with children as it is important for lessons to happen as planned. It will easier for one to know how to manage difficulties or problems as it will provide more time to children's learning. for example, control the momentum of lessons. As pupils may lose interest in lessons, it may cause problem for forthcoming activities you may break down activities that need doing and explain things rather than children losing interest from learning. Another example to control behaviour in your classroom is to set up an rewards system for children as this will encourage them to earn rewards and be recognised for their good deeds. Another skill that supports work with children is commitment and enabling yourself to work well in a team. To work with children, you must have a passion and be prepared to commit yourself to children and their work in order to help them learn and succeed. As working with children will not be easy in aspects of planning, teaching etc. it is important that you commit some valuable time to plan your lessons and spend your time wisely with children to help them learn. An example of this is preparing work for children of different abilities as they have different learning methods and some may take more time or require extra support due to learning difficulties etc. It is relevant for an early years practitioner to work well in a team as it is important to acknowledge everybody's contribution which is their right. You should adopt a ‘we’re in this together’ approach.You should also be aware of how to behave within your team and be supportive and co - operative. For example, if your colleague has a unique strategies they are good at teaching such as sports you could approach them to do sports activities with children. This would demonstrate the purpose to
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