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Organizing Work: Structure Michelle Collins, Michael Desjardins, Nathan Gonzales and Belinda Harmon Management 521 Daniel Kearney May 18, 2014 Organizing Work: Structure Organizational structure plays a major role in a company which is growing. Dole foods organizational structure is a sound structure. “Dole is the world’s leading producer, marketer and distributor of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.”(Dole) In this paper team B will discuss the structure of Dole foods, and will show team B recommendation to the organizational structure of Dole foods. In addition, the team will discuss any changes or adaptation needed to build a sound structure for the company. Dole Foods is considered the world’s leading producer of fresh fruits and vegetables with business and networking sites all over the world including Europe and Asia. In 2009, the company held the number 1 and 2 positions in their respective markets which include producers of bananas, pineapples and packaged fruit products along with bagged salad products. This strong production allowed Dole to generate revenues of more than $7.6 billion in 2009, with operating income of just $275 million. They finished that fiscal year with total assets of $4.4 billion. Moving ahead 3+ years, Dole is still at the top of their game being considered the world leader in production of pineapples and bananas. According to reports in Morning Star and Business Weekly (2011-2012), the Dole name has greater than 57% awareness among consumer brands. They have accomplished this success by focusing on key business points including brand recognition, competitive pricing, nutrition education, food safety, strong customer service and a feverish marketing campaign. ( pg. 1) Dole has a grounded operations plan which includes sourcing, growing, processing, distributing and marketing for their

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