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Marketing Operations The Hershey Company, North America’s biggest chocolate maker, announced a RM816 million investment in a state-of-the-art confectionary plant in Johor’s Senai industrial district. It is Hershey’s single largest investment in Asia in 18 years of its presence in the region. Hershey, which is the largest and one of the oldest confectionery companies in the United States, is a globally recognized, multinational company that is heavily focused on growing its business across Asia and around the world. The Johor plant will create opportunities for Malaysians to join an expanding global company that is one of the fastest growing confectionery companies in the world. Hershey is also known for its focus on its employees and promoting a positive workplace environment as well as supporting its local communities. This new 700,000 square foot Hershey confectionery manufacturing plant in Johor, Malaysia, will meet the growing consumer demand for its products in the company’s fastest-growing region. Malaysia plant will be the second-largest factory in Hershey’s global manufacturing network. The plant will feature high-tech manufacturing equipment, which will give new employees an opportunity to learn to work with the latest manufacturing technology. That will include innovations in automated candy-making technology, including proprietary equipment and systems developed to Hershey’s specifications. In addition, the plant’s capabilities will include high-speed wrapping machines featuring proprietary, specially engineered wrapping technologies. There are 3 reasons why was Malaysia chosen to be the hub of Asian market export instead of China: 1) Malaysia is a strategic geographical choice that provides Hershey with easy access to more than 25 markets across Asia. A strong supply chain infrastructure where the

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