Business Management Case Study: Kudler Fine Foods

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Kudler Fine Foods is a fairly new company and the company has been quite successful in the little time it has been in business. The company has committed itself to provide the finest food and wine in their area. The selection includes fresh bakery every day, meat made by order, 350 fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, different types of dairy products and an extensive collection of both imported and domestic wines. The company has dedicated itself to provide the finest products and looking at the company website and the company’s history there is something that is making them successful. There are three main aspects of this paper will be functions of management and who is responsible for them, how is technology and affects of technology,…show more content…
Planning for the future of the company requires mangers to think logically and make decisions that will help the company reach its objectives. This management function needs to be updated continuously because the market is constantly changing and the company needs to keep up with the market and for the company to be successful. For Kudler Fine Foods Kathy Kudler owner of the company is at the strategic level of the company planning the future of Kudler Fine Foods. Kathy Kudler’s frustration of traveling everywhere to get ingredients for her gourmet cooking she came up with a successful company. Her vision for the company has made the company so flourishing in the short amount of time it has been business. Organizing is the second management function and it goes hand in hand with planning. These are the resources the company utilizes to executive the initial planning stage how employees and other assets of the company are arranged to achieve maximum profits for minimum resources. This level is managed by Yvonne Reynolds she is the director of store operations, Brenda Wagner Director of Administration and Human Resources and Harvey Stephens Director of Finance and Accounting. They are the ones that are going to review the plans and distribute them to reach company objective by also maintaining low budget for the…show more content…
The computer network system is connected to each other allowing a central computer to simultaneously review reports at any specific time from any computers. The network is connected to one network allowing the computers to share data. This is one solution to all the information for the company for example inventory is viewed in all stores and is updated so every manager can view it. By implementing a network structure it allows organization view critical data in real time saving time and eliminating confusion for example saving time management can view all reports at one computer and updating one computer will update all the computers. Michael porter’ five forces analysis gives an in-depth view of industry competitive forces such as: Entry of Competitors, Threat of Substitutes, is Bargaining Power of Buyers, Bargaining Power of Suppliers, and Rivalry among the existing firms. Entry of Competitors depends on several factors like Economics of scale, retaliation from any existing firms, Kudler is the only company in its local area that offer specialized gourmet ingredients and a wide variety of

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