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V. SWOT This section of the report will focus on analyzing McDonald's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) in Vietnam fastfood market. Strengths- The company has focused on studying each customer segments in Vietnam to create Diverse menu with local flavour, which meets the diverse preferences of Vietnamese consumer.- McDonald’s has strong brand equity and a reputation of the number 1 fastfood franchise in sales, with more than 35,000 units in almost 120 countries (Bloomberg News 2014). The Franchise's large marketshare in the globe fastfood industry is also a key component to increase its promoting effectiveness in Vietnam. Thus, The powerful brand image will help McDonald's fastfood chain to be easily recognized by clients. Therefore, customer will be more confident with this brand and willing to buy more products from it.- 2 restaurants of McDonald’s are located in Ho Chi Minh, which is the most developed city in Vietnam with a high rate of income and consumption. Specificly, young adults and wealthy people are main groups for the brand to serve. (ThanhNien News 2013).- McDonald has a special discount and offering system for children. Therefore, it can easily attract parents with childrens.- McDonald's open its stores 24 hours a day, which can meet the needs of customers anytime. | Weaknesses- McDonald’s entered Vietnam's market later than other fastfood brands such as KFC, Loteria and Jollibee (Clark, A 2014). Therefore, it will require the brand to work harder and initialize an effective strategy to gain the Vietnamese fastfood market share as well as increase customer loyalty.- In Vietnam, customers only have to pay from 10.000 to 50.000 vnd (around 2.5 USD)for a traditional meal such as Pho noodle or bread with meat while McDonald's goods involves aroung 2 USD to 7 USD.Moreover, middle income or low income labours do not appreciate with

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