Tootsie Roll Business Plan

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Tootsie Roll Business Plan ACC/561 March 11, 2013 Tootsie Roll Business Plan Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. is one of the top candy producers in the world and has been producing candy since 1896. The company is working to qualify for additional financial funding to increase their liabilities by 10%. The appropriate research and financial reporting will need to be completed to ensure Tootsie Roll provides all the proper information to the loan officer. The loan package that is provided to the bank will include a ratio analysis of financial statements, justification of the reason for the loan, and an explanation of how the company plans to use the proceeds from the loan will be outlined in the following business plan. Without accurate information and a detailed business plan, the loan could be considered incomplete and will delay the approval process or possibly cause them to not qualify at all. Executive Summary Tootsie Roll Industries was started in New York in 1896. The company is based in Chicago and has grown to become one of the country’s largest candy companies. Tootsie Roll Industries has operations throughout North America including United States, Canada, and Mexico and has distribution channels in more than 75 countries (Tootsie Roll Industry, N/A). Tootsie has approximately 15,000 customers including grocery stores, dollar stores, vendors, and super markets. Tootsie’s brand included many candy bars such as Tootsie Roll, Tootsie Pop, Charms Blow Pop, Junior Mints, Andes, Sugar Daddy, and Charleston Chew. Tootsie employs approximately 2,200 individuals and is an equal opportunity employer. Tootsie’s sales are usually stable throughout the whole year with a sharp increase in sales in the third quarter. This spike in sales is greatly attributed to the Halloween holiday. Tootsie often takes revenues from customers and invests in market

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