Why Do Order Be Obeyed If They Make Sense

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Orders will be obeyed if they make sense From the title, it can be understood that if stupid rules are put into place that either don't make sense or make it harder for people to do their jobs, it is very likely people will break them. In a construction environment, if a rule is made that everyone has to wear hardhats while they are pouring a slab for a house, that is a stupid rule. And it will most likely be broken. It doesn't make sense, because the point of a hardhat is to protect from head injury. If the rule is everyone wears hardhats while framing a two story building, that rule makes sense and is more likely to be followed. This may be a simple example. The idea is for management to think through their policies and procedures and implement practices that make sense. From the phrase ‘..is more likely to be followed..’ it can be understood that there is a chance of an order for not being obeyed.…show more content…
There is no fact that always an order will be obeyed even when that makes sense. As there can be many reasons behind an order not being obeyed. There is a golden saying that is ‘Instruct rather than order’. You may be the boss, but you don't have to be bossy. You'll have more success if your requests are more tactfully delivered. Today’s modern management policy expects this kind of tactic. Many people believe that to be a good manager you have to give orders to the people below you. They are wrong. You do not have to give orders. In fact, you should not give

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