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PWCS 32: Principals of personal development in adult social care settings 1. Reflective practise, is when after you have finished doing something, such as an activity, you should stop and think about how well you have done on each skill, such as observation, responsive, reflection, eye contact, communication and listening. After you have thought about these things, you should decide weather there is anything you could have done better, and how you will put it into practice. 2. It is important to do this practise, so you can see how well you are considering the persons needs, and how you can do the best job you can, to always give good personal care. Circumstances within care are always changing, so reflective practise ensures that high standards are kept at all times. 1.3. Standards inform reflective practise, because they effect how I work on a day to day basis. I have to always be aware of these standards, and understand the impact on people, if I don’t work towards them. Reflecting on standards, gives me the chance to keep up to date, with any new standards. 1.4. My own values and beliefs could affect the job I do, within my role if I don’t have an awareness of my own values. I could find it hard to accept other staff members values and beliefs, and feel mine are the right ones. 2.1. Constructive feedback gives people the chance to develop within there role if its needed. If the feedback is good then the person will feel good and confident, but could take offence to constructive feedback. In my setting we have regular supervision with the team leader who will give constructive and good feedback. 2.2. Feedback is important in the healthcare setting for ongoing development for the staff. Feedback helps you improve your day to day work, and helps you focus on
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