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How to Explain Gaps in Employment All of us at some point of time, come across those crossroad situations. When things are equally significant in our lives, opting for anyone is a tough job. No one wants to regret their decision later. Therefore, we take ample time to decide on that one thing we want to retain and thus opt for it. Lily, a Senior HR with one of the leading corporate houses, had also been at such crossroads. It had only been a month, when Lily was back to her work after a long pregnancy leave. She was blessed with a baby boy, who was now finding it difficult to manage in her absence. Although, she had made all arrangements and appointed a baby sitter, who would take care of him when Lily couldn't be around; the kid was having a real hard time. On the other hand, returning to work after a long leave is not that easy. Lily was…show more content…
Lets explore these: Honesty is still the best policy: If you do not regret your decision of staying away from work , then you should not have reasons for concealing the fact. Tell your interviewer the reasons behind your unemployment period. And if you don't your recruiter's will definitely reach there. Lily as a Human Resource professional, shares that employers not only look for skilled professionals. Rather, integrity and truthfulness are of equal importance. Again, employers are looking for responsible professionals who can handle job roles. If you are not being able to take charge of your own personal decisions, you never qualify for handling important job roles. Simply they don't find you responsible enough, that they can trust you with their business prosperity. Therefore, never think of preparing a cock and bull story to hide your employment gap. People are trained and are getting paid to drag out such facts from you. And once they find you guilty of providing wrong facts, it becomes damaging for your entire career. Don't get

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