October Sky Character Analysis

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Gruener 1 Hailey Gruener October Sky Homer and his father never really saw eye to eye. Homer had a great determination to do big things and his father wanted him to be a man and just work in the mine like every other man. The character traits and strengths a person needs to accomplish their goals is perseverance. Another trait you would need to accomplish a goal is self-esteem. Courage is also an additional strength you need. The reason you would need perseverance is so that even when times are tough, you still keep on going. In the movie October Sky, Homer Hickam had lots of perseverance. He showed determination by not giving up, because he wanted something more out of life. And even though his father was his hero, Homer didn't…show more content…
It takes courage to go out in front of people and do something you know you won't succeed in right away. Homer Hickam had so much courage to try and fail again and again. That's what made him prevail in the end, when he won the scholarship. He also had courage when he stood up to his father, and when he said he didn't want to work in the mine. Homer knew that his father, John would get angry with him if he stood up to him, but he still had the courage to do that. Courage was displayed when Homer said to his father something like, "No, I'm not going to work tomorrow. I'll never work there. I'll never go down in that mine again. Never." He knew that his life was not to be spent working in the mine. He knew there was something more, something greater in life for him. I think that another great example of courage, was when Homer got up from his regular lunch table and sat down by the nerdy-ist, smartest, guy in school, named Quentin. Homer eventually befriended Quentin, as did RoyLee and Odell. It took courage, and a lot of it to give up your social status. But the most important act of courage was being able to try again after failing countless times. Homer's rockets would blow up, go the wrong direction, fall short, not go high enough, explode while in the air, have an incorrect calculation to prevent them from prevailing. In the end, Homer got a scholarship to go to college through winning the National Science Fair. But he couldn't have done it without the courage to fail, the perseverance to try, and the self-esteem to let himself be laughed at. Homer Hickam was influential to encourage people to follow their dreams. So, as you can see, it takes lots of self-esteem, courage, and perseverance to achieve your
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