When The War Began Courage

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John Marsden's novel ‘Tomorrow, When the War Began involves eight teenage characters who are confronted with life changing decisions during their time at war. They develop leadership skills but also great courage. Throughout the novel Marsden explores several aspects of courage which are demonstrated by different characters. These include Fi, Ellie and Homer Fi's courageous actions are prominent throughout the novel. In the beginning Fi is perceived to be a mentally and abit physically weak and is continuously underestimated. Her courage becomes evident as events start to unfold. For instance, Fi demonstrates courage when they planned to blow up the bridge. She develops courage that no one about although “I guess true courage is when you’re…show more content…
He can’t sit there and do nothing and easily suffers the lack of action. Sometimes he’s quite like Lee but the thing about him is that he never loses control and that’s what make him so strong among the others. Homer has changed from being known as a rebel at school, to being one of the main leaders of the group. Before the war, Homer did not seem to worry about school or his reputation, but now everything he cares for is on the line his family and his friend. He shows great courage for his group because he never gives up his a guy that keeps on trying even if he fails. A quote that homer said was ‘’you guys did well. Don't feel so bad. This is war now, and normal rules don't apply. These people have invaded our land, locked up our families. They caused your dogs to die, Ellie and they tried to kill you three. What homer meant here is that these people don’t care about what is happening they came here to take over and he is saying that he will not stand by and watch his country get destroy but to help them and help to get his family and friends back. There was a scene in the novel where Homer tell fi that he has feeling for her showing he has courage to tell her that.Throught the novel/Movie homer act way different then he was he loves his group like a family and isn’t the boy he was at school. And I’ll do one for
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