Atticus's Character

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In the first ten chapters you have come across atticus as a lawyer father and a good human being by close reference to the text show what kind of a man he is. Do you think his character is believable? Atticus, the father of Scout and Jem is known as an exemplary character in the town of Maycomb. He is known by all the citizens in the town and is one of the most prominent people. He is respected by all and is comparatively well off. As a person, Atticus is known as calm, wise, intelligent and fair. And there are many instances in which his wisdom shines through. The fact that he hired a black woman to take care of his children in times like that shows a lot about his character. No other person in the entire town of Maycomb would do such a thing. Anyone else in town would never hire a ‘nigger’ to do such a thing. Atticus doesn’t classify people as black or white, or rich or poor. He sees everyone as humans, equal humans. He is free from the diseases of racism and classism so widespread in those days. Atticus does not judge, that’s the biggest difference between him and the rest of the townspeople. He once said ‘ You never really understand a person until you consider things from their point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it'. Atticus is the most nonjudgmental person in all of Maycomb. • As a father Atticus can be said to be a great father. He is generally loving and caring towards his children, he guides them through right and wrong always, and he tries to make them morally strong as he is. He shows intelligent parenting, when Scout starts swearing, Atticus doesn’t punish her or tell her not to, knowing that this would just make her swear more, instead he leaves her to keep swearing until she herself realizes it’s the wrong thing to do. He does not do it because he is careless or it does not matter to him what his children do, he
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