Tom Robinson's Eulogy (To Kill A Mocking Bird) Essay

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Tom Robinson (1933-1958) I am Lucy Robinson, sister of Tom Robinson, speaking at Tom’s burial. We all know Tom Robinson as a very dedicated hard worker; but not only was Tom an amazing worker, but he was a loving father, husband, and the greatest brother I could of asked for. Tom was a very kind and compassionate person and everyone loved his character. He was always so helpful and helped out people out of the goodness of his heart. Tom was also an active member of our church, First Purchase, with his family. Tom has always lived a simple life, living his life to the fullest and making the best out of everyday. He loved his wife and children dearly and worked hard to give them a happy life as well. Growing up, my brother always took good care of me. He was very protective of me, but was like that only because he loved me. He was always so respectful to others and his warm vivacious personality is what everyone loved about him. I remember when we were younger, we didn’t go to school and so Tom and I would stay home with Mama. Tom would always be bored around the house so Mama would tell him to take me outside and for us to go for a walk. We would go for long walks in the field, play, and tell jokes. Spending time with my brother was always fun and he was like my best friend. I could tell him everything and he would give me advice and it went the same for his as well. Yes, we had our times when we would fight, but our fights never lasted long. Tom and I were always very

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