King David Research Paper

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David was the son of Jesse. David started as a shepherd boy from Bethlehem. He lived a frustrating life because he lived in the shadows of his other brothers. As a teenager, he was anointed as king secretly by Samuel the prophet. David’s other 7 brothers weren’t chosen because Samuel said “The Lord has not chosen these”. King Saul had an uneasy life, because he had mental problems and anger issues. King saul was mentally unstable. David would play the harp and sing to sooth King Saul down. Saul treated David like a son, and Jonathan, Saul’s son, would be like a brother to David. David was Saul’s armor barer. He eventually fought the giant Philistine, Goliath. David defeated Goliath with a sling. People praised David, which led Saul to want to kill David. After Jonathan died in battle, King Saul committed suicide. After the death of Saul, David became king of Israel.…show more content…
David was a very humble man. David respected Saul enough to stay loyal to him, even though Saul tried to kill him. David had the chance to kill, when Saul was sleeping in the cave, hunting David down, but David took his sword, and didn’t kill him. David respected Jonathan, because even though Saul tried to kill him, David still communicated with Jonathan. David respected his son Absolom, his son tried to kill him, but he still loved him. David also respected God. He believed that God was watching over him, and knew that God was behind him every step of the way. David was very faithful to God. He believed that if he was faithful to God, God will be faithful to him. He did what God asks of him without hesitation. David knows that God knows whats best for him and the people of Israel. When David fought Goliath as a young boy, he wasn’t really scared, because he knew that God has chosen him for a
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