Motifs In The Kite Runner

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What would it feel like, being one of the most wealthy people in your town? Having people admire and envy you, the things that you have? The person that you are? The novel takes place in Afghanistan, more specifically in a small town named Kabul. Most people in the novel aren’t very wealthy and don’t have the luxuries that they do. However, Amir’s father, Baba is wealthy and highly admired, and no one seems to question anything that Baba does or what they hear about him. No matter how broad the story is, they believe it. There was once a tale that he wrestled a bear and everyone seemed to believe it. Baba’s biggest admirer is his own son, Amir has always looked up to Baba and wanted him to care about him and love him. Amir feels as though his own father doesn’t even love him because Amir’s mother died while giving birth to him. People in the town envy the plentiful life that Amir and his father have. They have a nice house, a Ford Mustang, an orphanage, and plenty of money. In the book The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini uses…show more content…
How Hosseini uses the motif of black in the book The Kite Runner to explain the books main idea, is how he consistently uses the motif when describing the luxuries that Baba and Amir have. He also uses the motif of black when talking about how admired Baba is. Hosseini uses Baba wrestling a black bear as an example of how people don't question him or what he does no matter how unbelievable the story is. The main idea of the book is to be happy with what you have, one day it could be gone. Black relates to being happy with what you have by Baba having all of his luxuries, and then one night losing it all when the Russians came into Kabul. Also Baba loses his high status when he goes to America. The Kite Runner has an impact on daily life by showing us that luxuries and being envied aren't
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