To Kill A Mockingbird Father Analysis

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A life experiences that almost every living thing on earth experiences is parenthood. Every child in the world has a parent and each of those parents have their own methods for raising a child. A parent’s job is to care and look after their, teach them right from wrong, and most importantly show them great love and affection. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee introduces three fathers: Atticus Finch, Bob Ewell, and Walter Cunningham, who’s parenting ways, contrast each other. Atticus Finch is the single parent of Scout and Jem, who places great importance on being a righteous and good man. Although Atticus is a widower, he is very responsible and takes care of his children by keeping a good job and hiring a good nanny to look after them when he works. He is a moral man that doesn’t ask for glory or credit and the way he loves his children reflects this virtue of him. Jem and Scout have great affection towards their father; every afternoon they run to meet him because they are excited to see him. Atticus is very caring and patient parent because he always makes time to read with his children and listen to every word they have to say. He is always honest when answering Scout’s or Jem’s questions…show more content…
Bob Ewell like Atticus is a white single parent and he is infamous for being the town’s white drunk trash. Bob is not a responsible parent, he is always losing his job and because of this his children suffer. Bob fails also to teach his children wrong from right because he makes Mayella lie in court which subsequently causes the death of an innocent man. He doesn’t have affection or even take care of his children obviously because on Scout’s first day of school his son is asked to leave because he has lice. Bob Ewell has no morals; he discriminates against blacks and even hits his own daughter. Bob Ewell is a horrible father because he is selfish and does nothing to take care of his starving
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