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Every student goes through some good and bad teachers. A few select teachers have the power to engage students on a completely new level. This gives the student an automatic confidence boost and the wanting to succeed in the subject. I have had the opportunity to experience one of the best. Pete Tarnish was an outstanding teacher who was able to communicate well with his students, care deeply about them, and be a great family man. My eighth grade science and math teacher, Mr. Tarnish, was the most enjoyable teacher I have ever had. Unlike numerous teachers, he made class fun. He had a nonconventional matter of teaching that made his students yearn for more knowledge. He had the ability to relate complex science material into our daily lives. If confusion struck the algebra classroom, Pete was able to attempt a new approach that would help the students comprehend. He…show more content…
He taught us lessons that normally wouldn’t be learned in the average school. On numerous occasions, he would be seen with his daughter at sporting events that involved his students. Cheering loudly, he constantly had a smile breached on his face. He has taught me to be grateful for my family. Always being a spiritual being, he joined the Catholic Church. With his strong faith, it was easy to admire his comfortable relationships with all types of people. This made his character unforgettable. Pete already had a family of his own, but he considered the students part of his family too. Mister Tarnish influenced me greatly. He was more than a teacher; he was a friend to everybody. He was able to cheer up a crowd in minutes. He taught in clever ways and made me feel successful and proud. His deep caring for his eighth graders was undeniable and evident. Being a dedicated family man, he showed the scholars multiple priceless lessons. I’ve never had a teacher like Mr. Tarnish since then. Pete was a remarkable teacher in countless

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