Dominican Republic Letters

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Dear Family and Friends, I would like to thank all of you and tell you how grateful I am for your support in making the trip to the Dominican Republic possible. The trip was indescribable and truly life changing. To be in a different country and to have the opportunity to share the word and love of The Lord was a humbling experience. Not only were the eyes and hearts of the Dominican people opened but as were ours. Experiencing the word of Christ in a different language was very interesting and challenging at times but did not stop any of us from attempting to break the language barrier in any way we could. Also having the opportunity to work closely with some of the most incredible missionaries and kids was amazing. During our time spent in the Dominican we had the chance…show more content…
I worked with some of the most loving kids and a truly inspiring missionary, who gave us a greater outlook of why were really there and how much we meant to her. Throughout the week I shadowed their classrooms, played outside with them, worked on their growth skills, made socks puppets for a puppet show we performed in Spanish, and painted an entire classroom. Despite these kids disabilities they always had a beaming smile on their face and had the kindest hearts. Although there was a language barrier we all still managed to create an unforgettable relationship with all of the kids. There was not a time during the week that I didn’t have a little girl playing with my hair or having one of the kids hugging me or wanting to take more pictures. On our last day all of the kids and teachers sang us a farewell song, signed baseballs for us, and wrote each of us a goodbye letter. All of the children that attend the school are proof that God is real because he created all of those kids as a blessing to each family and show us Gods love because of their incredible capacity for

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