How Does Miller Present Loyalty and Betrayal in Act 1 of the Play?

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How does miller present loyalty and betrayal in act 1 of the play? Miller displays a great amount of both betrayal and loyalty in act one. He uses it with different characters, transitions , and ideas. Miller presents loyalty in many characters. He uses it by showing the loyalty of one character to another. Linda is very loyal to Willy, she admires him and loves him even though she knows what is going on. She acts as if everything was normal, to make Willy feel like everything is the same. “ Biff, dear, if you don't have any feeling for him, then you can't have any feeling for me.” Charley is a loyal character, he understands Willy's situation even though Willy himself doesn't. Charley offers him a job, trying to be a sympathetic friend and neighbor. “You want a job.... Don't get insulted.” Charley puts up with Willy like a good friend would. You take it too hard. To hell with it. When a deposit bottle is broken you don't get your nickel back.” Bernard, Charley's son, is a loyal character as well. He looks after Biff, he wants him to do well. “ He gotta study, Uncle Willy. He's got regents next week.” He wants Biff to do well on his own and he wants him not to think so progressively. Just because he printed University of Virginia on his sneakers doesn't mean they've got to graduate him, Uncle Willy!” Miller time movement is very important in the play. It arrays many different themes, one of them being loyalty. Willy tries to be loyal to his family. He tries to make them the best and most successful people possible. “That's just the way I'm bringing them up, Ben – rugged, well liked, all around.” Willy is loyal to Ben, he tries show off and show how well his little brother has gotten along. “I gave them hell, understand. But I've got a couple of fearless characters there.” Ben responds to his brother in a lack of interest. Ben is disloyal to his family,

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