Personal Narrative: Genius In The Boonies

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Genius in the Boonies Every one has met a person that they find to be extraordinary. Sometimes you look these people over without even noticing them. Extraordinary people seem to have a talent for blending into the mundane. This is the story of the most extraordinary person I have ever met, and the most mundane place you could have ever found him in. Before I can tell you about this person, I need to tell you about where I found him. One month before the beginning of the 2010 school year, I moved down to Alabama. Where I moved to I had nothing around me except for farms, fields, and forests. I am from the small town of Grahamsville so I know what I'm saying when I say that this was the Boonies. When I started school it only got worse. The schools were so poorly funded that you had to pay for each of your public school courses just so the teacher could afford supplies to teach you.…show more content…
Joshua was a natural born genius. All his life schools have pushed him ahead in classes, instead of letting him stay with students his own age. This caused him to not have as many friends as he should have. While I was down in Alabama he became one of my closest friends. He really is fun, energetic, and has a great sense of humor. Yet because of his age difference his classmates wouldn’t give him the chance to show them what he was like. Joshua is the smartest person I know. If he wanted to he could take a government I.Q. test and get paid to do whatever he wants in life. Joshua is graduating high school at the age of sixteen. He is being homeschooled for his last year of school. This allows him to get all the courses he wants and needs and at his pace instead of the slow speed of the school. His speaks parts of many different languages that he learned from his mother. To add on to all of this he is working on teaching himself to create flashgames on his

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