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English Reading Mock Exam Answers Reading Task 1 1. Why is Document 1 more suitable than Document 2 to help you prepare for your journey? Document one is more suitable than document two as it is a leaflet informing you of how to take care when preparing to drive in more dangerous weather, where as document two is an online forum of 4 people’s different views on the current weather they are experiencing and doesn’t help to inform you on how to prepare for your journey. 2. Choose one-word subheadings which summarise the content of each paragraph in Document 1. Paragraph 1 – Preperation Paragraph 2 – Driving Awareness Paragraph 3 – Remain Calm Paragraph 4 – Travel Checklist 3. Identify three phrases from Document 2 that indicate this document is based on opinions, not facts. I am furious about the school closures in my area. It is absolutely outrageous that teachers are still being paid when they are failing to do their jobs. Lets be honest the vast majority of you would happily take a ‘snow day’ if it was offered to you. Reading task 2 1. Identify two problems that the school closures have caused to individuals. Sarah P was forced to take annual leave to look after the children. Michelle M’s youngest son missed some of his exams as his school was closed. 2. Mike D is angry about the school closures. In your own words, give two reasons for his anger. He is angry due to schools only a mile apart have made different dissisions weather to open or close, as well as being angry at the fact teachers are still being paid to do their job when the schools are closed. 3. How has Jane F responded to Mike D’s points? She has responded to Mike’s points by informing him she is a Secondary School Teacher and that sometimes it can’t be helped that schools need to close due to weather. She has pointed out it would be unsafe
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