A Brief Analysis Of Babe Ruth's Story

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Babe Ruth Perhaps he is the one man throughout all of America’s history who needs no introduction. Perhaps he is the object of more heroic stories and legends than any other figure in all of history. Perhaps that is the reason why all one needs to do to convey the message of greatness and godly legend is utter his name. Babe Ruth. That’s all it takes. There is no need to delve into the never-ending list of accomplishments, the stories of a man performing the impossible feats of a god, or the many epithets that have risen around the legend of George Herman Ruth. But then again, perhaps all of the tales and illusions that are associated with Babe Ruth are the reason that he is revered as one of the most interesting and impressive people to…show more content…
In fact, due to his confusing days as a youth, Ruth spent most of his life under the impression that he was born one year earlier than he actually was. His father owned a bar in Baltimore, where Ruth spent his childhood. For a very long time it was believed that Ruth had no mother. Only few of the many accounts that exist ever mentioned her, and all of them contradict each other. Proof was discovered only recently, when an old black and white picture of a family reunion was discovered. The only known picture of Ruth’s mother shows her holding her child. The reason hardly anything is known of Babe Ruth’s family and childhood is because he barely had either one. At a very young age, Ruth was sent away to St. Mary’s Industrial School for Orphans, Delinquent, Incorrigible, and Wayward Boys, where he would spend the rest of his time until he turned 18. No one knows why he was sent there, but it seems like his father took him there voluntarily. St. Mary’s was a strict and disciplined place to live, although the living conditions were comfortable. Due to the combination of the strict rules he lived under and the toughened environment the older boys at the school, Ruth grew up to be a large and powerful, yet athletic man. It was at St. Mary’s that Ruth grew to love the game of…show more content…
He entered the scene when America was in a period of growth and sports were becoming a big part of the lifestyle. Baseball was becoming one of the largest forms of entertainment of the time and Ruth’s emergence helped make the sport such a nation-wide obsession, that it is now referred to as America’s Greatest Pastime. The Babe’s one-of-a-kind abilities, larger than like personality, and controversial actions landed on the country’s biggest stage. When someone is as gifted, mysterious, outspoken, and controversial as the Babe suddenly becomes the biggest star alive, a legacy is sure to be left. And no one has ever left a legacy like the

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