Frederick Douglass Critique

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Frederick Douglass was born in Tuckahoe, Maryland. He had no knowledge of what year he was born. Most slaves had no knowledge of their ages. He thought, at the time he wrote his biography, he was about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. He was born to Harriet Bailey, a slave woman. His father, however, was a white man, but he did not know who. He and his mother were separated by force when he was an infant. However his mother would sneak away some nights and walk twelve miles just to see him. He only saw her four or five times before she died when he was about seven. The white slave owners thought that since God cursed Ham, slavery was right. They thought that the descendants of Ham were scripturally enslaved by God. They used God as justification for their sins. Frederick’s first master was an inhumane owner. He had a drunken overseer who beat slaves mercilessly. Douglass worked on a plantation north of Easton on the Miles River. They worked on tobacco, corn, and wheat. His owner, Colonel Lloyd, kept about three hundred…show more content…
Mrs. Auld feels bad for how she treats Frederick but she feels that the way she treats him is how you are supposed to treat slaves. Douglass gives bread to poor white boys, for reading lessons. The boys have compassion on him, and they realize that slavery is wrong. They help him even though it was illegal to teach black slaves. Frederick Douglass discovers a book called The Columbian Orator. In this book there is arguments between a slave and his owner. The book causes him to hate his masters. He began to understand the injustice of slavery. He begins to become an abolitionist. Two sailors discover that Frederick is a slave and tell him to escape to the North. He does not listen because he feels they are trying to get a reward for returning an escaped slave. Douglass keeps practicing writing and eventually becomes very good at
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