What We Really Miss from the 1950's

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ENGLISH WRITING ASSIGMENT The 1950’s is a totally different time from the 1990’s or the 21st century in set of political, economic, and social conditions. In her essay, “What We Really miss about the 1950’s ” , Stephany Coontz discusses some points about the 1950’s that make me go back and dig my family past history. My family history does not mirror the American paradigm described I Coontz essay. My family is basically from one of the African country called ETHIOPIA. I compared three unlike points of Coontz with my family in this essay. Coontz describes that on the 1950’s families use to have a stable life. But on the other hand my family never have a stable and settled life till the 1980’s. My grandfather was a track driver from state to state , So he use to move from state to state with his family. My Grandfather never believed in distance relationship neither with his wife nor his children so he moved his family from place to place along with his work . My dad also followed my grandfather’s footstep ,working the same job and taking his family around with him. 1982 was the year that brought stable and settled life for my family eight years before I was born. This kind of unstable life was very common in my native country in the 50’s till the late 70’s . Coontz also stated in her essay that women’s were kept in the house without a job just to raise kids

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