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Death of a Salesman essay Willy says (in his confusing mind) to his brother : “I was right, Ben, wasn’t I?” What in your opinion, were the mistakes that Willy made in his life; does he actually have any re deeming qualities and do the stages in the development of the play follow the pattern of the mistakes? Willy Loman, a man around the 60 years, who is a salesman is starting to get a bit of confused about his life and everything and starts for example mumbling around. In my opinion Willy Lomans biggest mistake was, that he stuck too much to his past and to his old habitudes. He isn’t in for a change. For example on page 12: “Linda [trying to bring him out of it] : Willy, dear, I got a new kind of American-type cheese today.…show more content…
There’s not a breath of fresh air in the neighbourhood. The grass don’t grow anymore, you can’t raise a carrot in the backyard. They should’ve had a law against apartment houses. Remember those two beautiful elm trees cut there? When I and Biff hung the swing between them. “ This last sentence of this paragraph refers also to that Willy is missing his past, missing the good old days. The good old days in which his relationship with Biff was optimal. On one page, a gain on page 12, there’s another characteristic that belongs to Willy Lomans personality and is a sort of the cause to his mistakes. Willy Loman is stubborn. He can’t stand it if anyone is saying something that doesn’t fit to his own ideas or thoughts. Another mistake Willy Loman makes is that he expects too much from everyone. Starting with himself and his son Biff. He can’t accept bad things told about his son, although they’re true. This was certainly due to the fact, that Willy Loman was a man with big dreams, also in his old days. He had plans, goals he wanted to achieve: “ Willy: Don’t say? Tell you a secret boys. Don’t breathe it to a soul. Someday I’ll have my own business and I’ll never have to leave home

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