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Nutrition and Fitness Paper SCI/100 Version 3, Paradigms of Health Tracy McDougall, MSN, RN, IBCLC June 18, 2012 Nutrition and Fitness Paper Good nutrition and fitness is essential for a long, productive life. Although we all have different nutritional needs it is safe to say a balanced diet and regular exercise contribute significantly to a great quality-of-life. My profession and extracurricular demands requires I maintain peak physical conditioning; good nutrition and exercise insure I will remain an asset to my organization, example to my children and a burden to no one. This Nutrition and Fitness Paper will explain my current fitness and nutritional habits, discuss health risks associated with obesity, identify three new fitness habits I can reasonably incorporate into my lifestyle (including the possible benefits of the three new habits) and identify three new nutritional habits I can reasonably incorporate into my lifestyle (including the possible benefits of the three new dietary habits). Lastly I will address how each new habit would promote healthy-weight management and discuss how each new habit would benefit an individual’s general health. Health and wellness are synonymous with nutrition and fitness; a clearer understanding of the synergistic effects of each on the other can aid in the development of a personal fitness plan contributing to an active lifestyle and life-long wellness. My current fitness and nutritional habits are in-line with the demands of my career in the military and equally as a Federal employee. The rigors of being a part-time soldier require me to maintain specific physical readiness standards; as a result, my fitness habits reflect my need to be prepared to perform as a soldier, “on demand.” Running daily and light weights help my muscle and cardiovascular endurance. Additionally, I participate in extracurricular

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