Understanding Fitness and Wellness Essay

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Chapter one explain the concepts of good health is called wellness. An obstacle state of wellness is six components such as physical health, emotional health, intellectual health, spiritual health, social health and environment health. Physical health mean all the activities, work out, and behaviors to keep your body healthy. The physical fitness, nutrition, performing self exam are the most important to have a good healthy. As an important role in how you feel, emotional health can make a big change into your health, social skills and interpersonal relationships with others. This is the emotional health describes how well you deal with the stressful day. The one who tent to have mental disorders are the people at aged of 15-44 years. Intellectual health is when u keeping your mind active, which is going through college, learning new ideas, to be allele to solves many problems and learns a ways of thinking about life. The spiritual health is means that religious beliefs, but it is not limited to religion. So basically it is mean the connections between each other, the way each of people believes in, and their social network. The influence of the environment on your health is calling the environmental health. Social health helps people to feel confident in social interactions and provides you emotional securities. By that mean being social, meeting new people is a good way to learn and explore to the world. The physical activity brings a numerous health benefits. It can reduce risk of heart disease, and regular exercise can reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Moreover, the diabetes is a disease for high blood sugar levels, and it will cause a life easily. Nevertheless, we could prevent it by physical activity. In addition, irregular exercise will cause losing the bone mass which is call osteoporosis, and it will increase the risk of bone fractures.
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