Diet and Exercise

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I am doing my speech on Living Longer: Diet and Exercise by Donna Jackson Diet: Today, there is a growing awareness that the food you eat affects your health and your whole life. Diet has always played a vital role in supporting health. This article talk about how each day on the news or a talk show we hear of a new way to live longer if we eat this, or how we can lose weight if we do this. Apparently some of this is true. Fruits and vegetables, and even chocolate and red wine produce antioxidants which according to the research in this article protect your brain and body against aging. Paula Bickford Ph.D. did research for the University Of South Florida Center Of Excellence for Aging and Brain Repair on antioxidants and how it pertains to your brain and health. After testing several theories on lab rats, she seen positive effects when giving them a high antioxidants diet with spinach and blueberry’s suffering from stroke and Parkinson’s. “It seems to delay the onset or slow the progression of a range of diseases” says Bickford. Another way to prolong your life is to restrict your diet and eat less, but then that would open you up to possible getting more diseases. Richard Miller Ph.D professor of pathology and generic medicine. He concludes that eating healthier and less can benefit you mentally and physically, but leaves you open for more diseases. He states its impractical to expect someone to decrease his caloric intake by 40%. Instead of you would set your intake lower daily then you could lose weight. (Read highlighted article) Exercise: Life is a not guaranteed but several Doctors believe that diet and exercise can prolong your life span. Dr Pamela Peeke of University of Maryland stated “So many of what we thought were symptoms of aging are actually symptoms of disuse”. She precedes to say “Up to 50 you can get away with not exercising: after that, you

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