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My 2nd practicum placement is where I give care directly to the patient. I take the patient’s vitals signs, I prepare and administer the medications, I assess the patients for irregularities and I feed and clean them. My first week started with just one patient to take care of, in between those times I try to help out my primary nurse whenever I can. My primary nurse is responsible for 4-6 patients on any given day and so I try to lessen the nurse’s burden by helping out. From my perspective, on some of the ‘routine’ things that needs to be done for the patient, it is just simply done. What I mean by that statement is, whatever the task is, the nurse just completes the task and does not seem to take the moment to probe what is really needed by the patient while the task is being done. One example would be helping out the patient with their morning care. The nurse completes the task with the utmost efficiency, the patient is turned one way and then another, before the patient knows it, he or she is clean, wearing a new pad and a gown. The nurse moves on to the next patient or task. There is really no interaction between the patient and the nurse. I don’t know if it’s because of the amount of patients that they have to take care of or because they’ve been doing this job for too long. While I was doing the morning care for one of my patients, I would start talking to them. I would ask how they’re doing, why are they here or if they want me to do their morning care a certain way. I had this one patient while I was cleaning their back using a warm wash cloth, the patient let go a big sigh and says how good it feels to get their back rubbed a certain way. I would continue on with the rest of the morning care while talking to them to find out more about them. After I was done, the patient was quite appreciative for what I did for her and was asking if I was going to be her

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