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UNIT 4223-301 OUTCOME 1 UNDERSTAND WHAT IS REQUIRED FOR COMPETENCE IN OWN WORK ROLE. +DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES. My duties are to provide clinical and non clinical support to a multi professional team which can range from the care of a new mother and baby to the day to day running of the ward. I am responsible in undertaking direct care for patients and implementing this as to prepare the patient for going home safely with the knowledge they receive. I am responsible in making sure the care of the patient has been seen through to the end of their stay and to report any observations of the patient ,to the midwife in charge of that said shift and if anything needs reporting to act accordingly,ie frequent observations. Communication is key with regard to any issues which need addressing about the patients health and well being and contribute to the overall care that they have received. Standards of care can come from these values: • We treat people how we would like to be treaded • We do what we say we are going to do • We focus on what matters the most • We are one team and we are best when we work together • We are passionate and creative in our work. By contributing to all these values makes us all a better team and helps to create a professional work force for all to see. OUTCOME 2 To improve the quality of service provided it is essential to reflect on things that have already been done in order to see if there is a need to change so that they can be made better for future reference. To deliver a better standard of care is to reflect always. Sometimes the lack of communication between staff and patients can affect working practice. This could be down to work load or simple lack of understanding and language barriers. OUTCOME 3 By evaluating my own knowledge, performance and understanding, I can develop my personal goals which

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