Nursing Career Research Essay

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Registered Nurse
Do you remember being a child and constantly being asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Well I was the kid that always gave a different answer every time. I was always undecided regarding the career that I wanted to pursue. As I got older I realized that I wanted to have a career in the medical field. Being a nurse interests me because it requires the study of the human body, it is respected and because I find fulfillment in being able to help those who are in need. Once I started researching a career in nursing I realized that there were a lot more types of nurses then I had originally imagined. I have not decided on which field of nursing I would like to specialize in yet but I just imagine myself as a general nurse, working in a hospital setting. A Registered Nurse (RN) is not a doctor assistant; a RN gets to treat wounds, give IV’s and basically get to treat their own patients. Right now my main priority is to stay focused on taking all necessary steps to pursuing Nursing as a career.Gwendolyn Mink describes most Registered Nurses as working directly with the patients and their families. They are the families’ contact with the medical world, in the hospital and at the patients’ home. A nurse regularly evaluates patients and check vital signs to make sure everything is going as planned. Nurses perform procedures such as IV placement, phlebotomy and administering medications. (1988) Working hours for a nurse are different almost all the time because no one can predict when an emergency is going to happen. They must be available twelve hours a day, nights, weekend, and be able to handle any rotations or changes in their shifts. Documenting a patient’s medical record, symptoms and diagnostic tests is also an essential part of a nurse’s routine.
The nursing profession has been one of the most respected in history, and its history goes

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