Non- Traditional College Students vs. Traditional College Students

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April Carithers Wilburn 6/12/13 Non- Traditional College Students vs. Traditional College Students With the economy the way it is today, things have really started to change. The loss of jobs and unemployment are rising and everyone is starting to struggle. More adults are having issues making the ends meet each other. They are turning to a more unfamiliar way of helping themselves and their families. Adults are going back to school to update or expand their knowledge and help better themselves in the workforce. Today, older students are facing new and challenging issues in college classes, which younger students do not, due to recent schooling and knowledge of technology. As computer technology advances every day, older students are struggling to understand, as they are unfamiliar with computer use. Computers did not exist in their generation, so they never learned to how to use them. The traditional students are more familiar with today’s technology, their knowledge is more advanced. Older students are better with reading and writing skills, due to experience and better education. Traditional students have better knowledge of computers, as they are taught in school. Traditional students are weak in reading and writing due to the “No Child Left Behind Act” implemented in 2001. Students were passed on to higher grades, not knowing the basics. The adult students were held back grades until they learned what was needed to continue. Traditional students are taught in schools how to use computers and the internet. Computers are now being introduced in kindergarten classes. When older students went to school, computers did not exist. Because of this, older students lack the knowledge of online usage, and struggle during online classes. Life experiences are an area where the older students have an advantage. Adult students have the

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