Nights of cabiria vs la docle vita

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Fellini’s Departure from Neo-realism In my opinion, the films, “Nights of Cabiria” and “La Dolce Vita” to be the best films our class have seen so far. It left me in awe and absolutely stunned. They were both beautifully produced, presented well and unmistakably Fellini fims “La Dolce Vita” gives us glimpse of a filmmaker that has moved far neo-realist his roots. The “Nights of Cabiria” had many more neo-realist elements than “La Dolce Vita” and therefore was a departure from neo-realism. “Nights of Cabiria” had some of the classic elements of neo-realism showing Cabria’s poor and broken troubles, she is just an ordinary person and throughout the movie you are just simply looking into her life, also there is a feel of onset location. Versus “La Dolce Vita” where you can see the lighting and the sets were carefully planned out, also Fellini used professional actors, even a foreign film star. “La Dolce Vita” introduced us to a world almost never considered before in Fellini’s films. It introduced us to the world of the upper-class. A film following a protagonist from party to party among the rich is practically a slap in the face to the neo-realist movement. It was often said that “Nights of Cabiria” marked the conclusion of the first phase of Fellini’s career in neo-realism and “La Dolce Vita”, the beginning of the next. It is my preference to see his films in a continuous visual timeline so that I can visualize Fellini’s artistic growth. Both “La Dolce Vita” and “Nights of Cabiria” unfold in an episodic manner. However, “Nights of Cabiria” has a stricter and more traditional narrative structure, while “La Dolce Vita” is basically a series of short films. The combination of all the scenes is what leads to the complexity of the film’s message. When asked, “What are these films about?” there really is no easy answer because they are about so much. Each

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