Catcher in the Rye Argumentative Essay

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Whenever you hear about a new movie that is showing in theaters, what exactly are you looking for? To catch your eye, would have to be a comedy? What about a horror? Or let’s just be brutally honest and own up to the fact that it’s a chick-flick with Brad Pitt? Whatever your taste may be, as an audience, your role is to critique a film based on what you see on the screen and decide if your entertainment was worth the eight dollar ticket. A successful movie producer’s ideal vision, whatever his style may be, is to create a production that the audience will enjoy and satisfy its viewers. The novel, The Catcher in the Rye, has many connections to the era and generation of the society we live in today. Given a movie producer in present day was to create the book into a film, one would produce a movie coordinated to reach the audience of the current era while still respecting the culture of the time the book was written. A producer seeks to fulfill the viewers of its generation and society so he would modernize aspects of The Catcher in the Rye to be sure to make a successful film The time period of the book would still be used in the film, as done before in movies such as The Great Gatsby, to create and maintain the theme or plot setting for the movie. Clothes, slang, cars, places, walking street, subway etc The issues or actions in The Catcher in the Rye are still problems in today’s society, such as smoking, under aged drinking, education conflict, and the classic boy-girl complications that may be a question we never know. With the similarities between the 21st century and Holden’s life in the early 50s, a producer has the ability to bring to date issues such as smoking cigarettes by possibly changing the tobacco to a more relatable drug in today’s day in age such as marijuana. The producer’s creation may also consist of more sex appeal in the clothing of women
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