10 Things I Hate About You by Gil Junger Film Essay

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Film Essay Describe an important idea in the text and explain how verbal and/or visual techniques help you understand the idea. Conformity and non-conformity is a key idea used in the film “10 things I hate about you” directed about Gil Junger. A film which is based on Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew” but transformed into a modern 21st century version. The idea is affectively used in order for the audience to gain a thorough understanding of the directors purpose, to present the issue of conforming in today’s society. The theme was extended through the use of verbal and visual techniques of music, costume and dialogue. The theme was first exposed to the audience in the exposition through the diegetic theme song ‘’ Bad Reputation” being interrupted by ‘’One Week’’, the contrast between the songs represented conformity vs. non-conformity. “Bad Reputation” By Joan Jett is harsh, loud, energetic, fast, angry, and instrumental; the song sent a sense of rebellion and diversity unlike “One Week” by Barenaked Ladies which is upbeat, easy going, fun, karaoke like and much more feminine. These 2 songs showed the difference between the two girls and the way Kat wasn’t mainstream like the popular girls, it showed her non-conformity. Following the exposition of the sketched font and the sketched city, the city is shown through a panning shot, and then the camera zooms onto a wide angle, establishing shot of Kat’s car and the preppy girl’s car. The angle of this shot helps the audience to see the comparison between the two cars and how they reflect the owner’s personalities. Kat’s car is an extension of herself and her personality, through this reoccurring motif the audience is made known of the variance between Kat and the popular girls; Kat has a beat up, rusty, faded orange, old Dodge Dart unlike the preppy girls who drive a blue, sleek, new convertible, you then
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