My Favorite Hobby Is Nascar

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My favorite hobby is nascar for several different reasons. The first reason is I love the excitement of being at a race or watching it on television. Watching the racecars race around the track at such fast speeds and hearing all the fans, including myself, getting excited for our favorite drivers as they race past each of us. Each track, whether you are sitting in the stands or on your couch at home has a different level of excitement. Second reason is I love traveling to different tracks around the country. The passion I have for the sport only makes the car ride so much more exciting. I have only been five different tracks, but plan to go to more in the coming years. They could be a small track or a super speedway, each track I have been too has different fans and a different feeling to each. The excitement of the beginning of the race when everyone in the stands comes up to their feet and cheers on their favorite driver as the rumble of the cars passes by. By the end of each race my adrenaline is flowing and my heart is racing to watch my favorite drivers cross the finish line. I enjoy going into the garage area and meeting nascar drivers and their crew. Listening to the conversations of the different teams as they try to hurry up to get on the start line for the race only shows the great passion they all have for the sport. I have several of their autographs and pictures with them. They all have a different history to them. The history of the sport is the third reason I love nascar. Learning about all the driver’s who began with the sport, and the cars that originated in the sport. Learning about the great legends of sport, how they began and where they are today, makes watching a race that much more exciting. Seeing how the cars and drivers have progressed throughout the many years of nascar racing. When you learn about nascar you see how

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