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Phar Lap Comment on the narrative technique employed by the director in the opening sequence and its impact? The film Phar Lap directed by Simon Wincer begins in California at Menlo Park Perry Stables, where Phar Lap was poisoned at killed on the 17th of April 1932. The importance of Phar Lap’s death showed how much Australia and the world really cared about him, being broadcast on the radio and being the headlines of newspapers. The film then flashes back to the start of Phar Lap life, where he arrived on the wharfs of Sydney, Australia. The technique they used at the start of the film was very good and creative. In what ways and how effectively does the director recreate the period in which the film is set? In the film Phar Lap, Simon Wincer (the director of the film) sets the time…show more content…
Phar Lap was an amazing horse that came from nothing to becoming a hero, when hope was all but dead. Phar Lap was born in New Zealand but he was trained, raised and raced in Australia. Phar Lap dominated Australian racing during the Great Depression, when many families became homeless due to the economy. Phar Lap had won a Melbourne Cup, two Cox Plates and 19 other weight for age races. He then won the Agua Caliente Handicap in Tijuana, Mexico in track-record time in his final race. He inspired everyday people to keep going no matter how tough things got and made the poor a little bit richer. Did you enjoy the film? Phar Lap was a very enjoyable movie to watch and learn from. Before watching the film I didn’t really know who Phar Lap was and the history behind it, but since I have watched the film I gained a lot of knowledge about Phar Lap and Australian history. I really enjoyed the flash backs where he arrived on the wharfs of Sydney, Australia to the unfortunate death of Phar Lap in Menlo Park Perry Stables, California. Overall I found this film enjoyable to watch have learnt so much from

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