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In the opening sequence of “clueless” the film maker has already captured the attention of the audience by the sound/music and camera techniques the title which could suggest it is it show how one girl could be rich, popular, and more but still be so “clueless” The film maker has based this film on a young life style of a young girl so the genre of this film is a teenage comedy. We know this because, in the opening sence they use child like and very feminine colours so this is defiantly going to appeal to teenagers. They then go on to show teenage issues e.g. gossip which Cher can’t live with out, clothes and fashion are very important to a popular girl and even when they can’t buy they can still look. Money is very important to a teenage girl in there eyes you can never have too much, money also…show more content…
on phone, doing make up and nails, listening to music and fixing skate boards one girl in the class has also had a nose job this shows how vain they are and how important looks are to them even though she is only in high school. Music is important as teenagers like it. The opening song “we’re the kids in America shows us that the kids have power by being in control, they have every thing they want due to wealth we know this because the first scene is set in the mall where Cher is buying lots of clothes and she also has a car. This shows wealth. The next song is “fashion girl”; this shows us Cher is fashionable. Then “just a Girl” is played to try and say Cher is a normal teenage girl living a “way normal” teenage life but she definitely does not. When Dion gets to school she is met by her boyfriend .As he walks over to Dion he walks to the beat o the hip ho music. They also have camera shot of behind him to show his baggy pant and “sexy” bum. There also a sudden boy pushed off camera. This is funny because it shows the clumsiness of some

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