The Big Sleep Movie Vs Book

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The Big Sleep People always mentioned that a novel and it features oppose each other and yet also complement each other. Clearly, The Big Sleep also has similar describes between it movie and feature. In a later scene of the movie, it was not Brody, but chauffeur of General Sternwood, Owen Taylor, who shot Geiger. Brody merely found Taylor, clubbed him, and took the film. Brody left Taylor unconscious in the car, which was later mysteriously driven off the pier, leading to Taylor’s watery death. Incidentally, this is the plot point that left the director, the screenwriters, and even Raymond Chandler himself baffled. None of them could figure out who killed Taylor. The film likewise does not develop the details surrounding Geiger’s murder, nor the later murder of Joe Brody by Geiger’s shadow, Carol Lundgren. The story soon shifts to focus on the mystery at the heart of the film: the whereabouts of Shawn Regan. Thus: Of course, to read a detective novel or watch it move is…show more content…
For conclusion: The movie is a fairy tale, a happy ending heaped atop the giant load-bearing actors. The novel consists of minute details, running through, holding it together. The details and the beauty of the language of the book hold the novel higher: easier and more completely above the movie like the steel frame allows for refinement in architecture. It stands taller and more elegantly. Each serves its purpose well; the steel frame buildings just do so with more flair. I like to think that only a good movie would still be watched after fifty-three years. But, everything good about the book is missing or distorted (plot, characters, details). The plot is too convoluted to make a movie. But the movie of The Big Sleep is still a success and, well, a good movie, just because they changed the plot and the characters. One The Big Sleep is appropriate for the audience of books, the other for the audience of
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