Movie Review - Mulholland Drive

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Movie review: Mulholland Drive "Mulholland Drive" is a film that is hard to grasp and will be hard to review with just one viewing of the film, but I will attempt to write one. This is a film which I was disappointed in at first, but as the film went on and then afterwards, was convinced that it is a masterpiece of a film. I won't spend much time writing about the plot, but will describe briefly what the audience sees on the screen. As with most David Lynch films, it's not the plot that matters anyway. The story centers on the life of two women in Hollywood. Betty has arrived with the hopes and dreams of becoming a famous actress. Rita has just been involved with sinister characters in a car crash and thru fate or luck, ends up at the home where Betty is staying. Rita has lost her memory and so Betty and Rita embark on trying to solve the mystery of who Rita is. "Mulholland Drive" is not only a film noir, but also a psychological mystery which puts one's brain at constant work to try to figure out what is going on. The film is not linear, it circles back between reality and imagination. What is real and what is a figment of Betty's imagination? I believe the film has two motives involved: one being a blistering indictment of how Hollywood works and the other is how the allure of Hollywood and subsequent shattering of hopes and dreams can cause a person to self-destruct. I'm convinced that to understand this movie, one has to realize that what appears to be true is really an imagined story, or like dreams realized while one is laying on a bed...daydreaming .. And what appears to be surreal and/or dreams or nightmares is really the truth. There are many details or clues throughout the film to support this theory, and the opening of a mysterious box with a blue key is, I believe, the switch between imagination and reality. Characters
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